Effects Social Media has on Society

Social media is now considered part of life. Very interesting is that almost daily social networks are used in one way or another. In fact, it takes a long time for important things to be deliberately forgotten or ignored. Even the children of our time depend on it. Times end when they play only traditional games because now they are also dependent on it. However, most parents are concerned about the effects social media has on their children.

Health problems

Excessive use of social networks can have a negative impact on children’s health, such as mental health problems. that is, anxiety and depression, just to name a few. It can also affect your vision if you spend a lot of time every day, especially in computer games. I also get cramps when she washes her hands immediately after playing online. When considered, children are more prone to future health problems.

Social Concerns

Children who always use the Internet, especially social networks, are acquiring less social skills. Familiar with virtual reality from the start and communicating with other friends on the Internet, they cannot develop their communication skills because they are not accustomed to meeting other society members in person. It is very different in terms of real social interaction.

Behavioral Concerns

Children who love social networks are likely to be negatively affected. From time to time, they may want to imitate some of their online friends with their fashion statements, vulgar vocabulary and even violent acts that are very indecent. They may also experience a lack of honesty and persecute their parents. Sometimes they tend to talk to their parents because laziness has developed in them, leading to disobedience.

Emotional problems

Sometimes children tend to develop apathy over social networks. As you can see, there are many fake reports in the social media about crazy people trying to cheat without paying attention to the fact that they offend other people’s feelings. If the child had been a victim, they could do the same to calm down.

Many parents are very worried about how their kids use social networks. However, they can be avoided if both parents have the responsibility to supervise the activities of their children. Correct guidance is the key to this problem.


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